Elba Water Sports Procchio offers the possibility to practice windsurf on Elba island.

Courses are suitable for both kids and adults, to learn how to windsurf autonomously and to refine the technique.

For all the courses, we are using appropriate gear and we take care of the physical conditions of the learner, who will be followed in all the phases. Course will be structured on the base level of the learner, starting with first steps with basic gear, to then learning how to use harness, to arrive to the big goal of glide.

Elba Water Sport has also a private space reserved for sailing sports with the perfect safety conditions to enjoy with no worries.

Price list 2023
Windsurf course
Procchio – Elba Island

6-13 years
€ 140,00
4 hours (4 lessons of 1h)

People for Lesson 4/5 kids – 2/3 adults


Base Plus Intensive
€ 160,00 € 200,00 € 320,00
6 hours (4 lessons of 1h30′) 6 hours (4lessons of 1h30′) 15 hours (10 lessons of 1h30′)
4 hours of rental 10 hours of rental

People for Lesson 4/5 kids – 2/3 adults


Individual lesson Group lesson
€ 60,00 € 45,00
Single lesson 1 hour Single lesson of 1 hour